Why choose a FinTech Career at Pramerica?


To embrace change, feel challenged and experience personal growth.


To grow your career in FinTech customised rotational programmes.


For exposure to senior leaders in a fast, dynamic world of change and innovation.


To gain insight into organisational strategy, culture, values and vision.

Aine Dolan,
Law Graduate

“This job gives me a great opportunity to learn and experience new things. I see what life is like in a corporate office and experience the exciting realities of working in changing areas of law. I benefit as well from the knowledge of the amazing people who work here, and the advice and mentorship they provide.”

Kamran Chaudhary,
Programming Graduate

“Pramerica has a positive and energetic work environment. My work at Pramerica allows me to tap into what I learned when I studied Java development and apply it in a live project. I am confident of my value within the company and the trust my manager has of me.”