The DatSci Awards celebrate the very best of data science in Ireland across 9 categories that represent major advances throughout the data science sector.

Pramerica’s DatSci journey began when we won the ‘Multinational’ category during the inaugural 2016 awards. We have found that the DatSci Awards have evolved into a really strong platform for the data science community in Ireland ever since. The DatSci Awards have given Pramerica the opportunity to be more visible and showcase some of the great work that is being carried out by the data science team.

Data Science Student of the Year.


The Data Science Student of the Year Award recognises new entrants to the data science sector who have been learning their craft over the last year and aspiring to drive change through their work.

Deepanand Saha Roy,
Director of Data Science at Pramerica

“The DatSci award has really helped the growing community of Data Scientists in Ireland to come together and celebrate our accomplishments, as well as learn from each other and be inspired. As a result we see ourselves taking on tougher challenges each year, and coming up with better solutions, which is a huge win.”


Data Scientist of the Year

Brendan Doherty

The Data Scientist of the Year category recognises the leaders in Ireland’s data science community, who not only bring truly game-changing rigour, curiosity, and innovation to the “science” side of data science, but who can also effectively communicate that innovation and inspire the broader community to ever greater heights. This is the award for top thinkers, innovators, and communicators.

Pramerica is delighted to have our own Brendan Doherty feature among the finalists in this category, recognising the quality of work he has done in Data Science at Pramerica.

Best use of Data Science in a Large Company


Large companies can have a huge impact through the application of Data Science within their business and in their products and services, Pramerica is no different. The sheer scale of these companies, their customer bases and the data that they house also bring many challenges that must be overcome when applying Data Science.

Pramerica is honoured to be among the shortlisted finalists in this category for 2018. The Pramerica Data Science team’s entry was based on an IRIS (Intent recognition and Information Service) which is a custom-built natural language understanding platform.

Why choose a Data Science Career at Pramerica?

To apply Data Science to the toughest problems facing the business.

To see your mathematics deliver true value to the business.

To work with great minds.

To join a team of inquisitive and analytical people.